Friday, March 2

Snow Day in the Berkshires

Erica Dale Strzepek, Resting For Now,
Watercolor & Gouache, 5x7 inches, ©2012

A snow day yesterday in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts meant no school for my boys. Between naps, snacks, endless PBS shows, and shoveling I worked on some small 5x7 blank greeting cards. Their small size allows for quick, finished work, very rewarding feeling for me. I find my recipients are always charmed by a personal card.

I snap pictures where ever we go, always with a painting in mind for later. The theme of abandoned trucks is a favorite subject of mine, this group of work is from a site in Williamsburg, Massachusetts off Route 9.
Erica Dale Strzepek, At Home in The Woods,
Watercolor & Gouache, 5x7 inches, ©2012
The drive along Route 9 provides beautiful vignettes of humble New England farms, the rambling Mill River, and the charming Williamsburg center including the Meekins Public Library and the Williamsburg General Store. We enjoy stopping a wonderful bakery, Bread Euphoria, located on the town line. It is along Route 9 I have often admired a unique property cluttered with old steam engines, numerous pieces of farm equipment, various barns and out buildings with plenty of old vehicles.

Erica Dale Strzepek, Here We Sit,
Watercolor & Gouache, 5x7 inches, ©2012
My Williamsburg series of blank cards is available for purchase from my Etsy Shop. Each card is an original painting, not a reproduction, each card sold separately.

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  1. I love these paintings! You have such a wonderful sense of color, and you absolutely capture the feeling of the new fallen/falling snow. These paintings are little gems, and they transcend every other painting I've ever seen that has an abandoned car in it.


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